8-Channel XLR USB Audio Recorder


Record Audio from a Microphone or Line Level Audio Directly to Your Computer.

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Record Audio from a Microphone or Line Level Audio Directly to Your Computer
Record up to 8 channels of audio and quickly and easily transfer it to your Windows workstation for editing, saving, sharing, and more.
Crystal Clear Audio Quality
Automatic Disk Space Management
Easy Installation Process

Record microphones and radio station line level sources automatically on your network server. Thousands of recordings can be stored on hard disk with crystal clear quality. The quality of audio captured by the 8-Channel XLR USB Audio Recorder is so high that courtrooms use it for accurate records of cases and settlement conferences.
You don’t need to worry about accidentally running out of space during an important recording. You can easily save your most important recordings while conserving disk space for new ones. Powerful software is included so you can find recordings quickly, and the digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any computer, giving you even more options for freeing up any necessary space you might need.
A single USB cord connects to your local workstation or a network file server. Saving files in a shared directory or on a file server permits easy access for multiple users and easy backup of important recordings.

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