Proshield II Bulletproof Backpack


Protect You and Yours From a Potential Tragedy with This Tactical Backpack

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Proshield II Bulletproof Backpack
Protect You and Yours From a Potential Tragedy with This Tactical Backpack

This bulletproof backpack utilizes lightweight armor to provide you protection against gunfire. The extra padding allows for all-day comfort.
Tested and Certified Prepare for the Worst with This Practical, Tactical Backpack

This bulletproof ProShield backpack offers protection against .44 Magnum and 9 millimeter bullets. Built with lightweight armor throughout the interior, this backpack can be worn to protect you against bullets coming from behind. You can also take the backpack off and use it to shield your face or head whenever you feel that a greater level of protection is needed. Even with the armor, this backpack only weighs a few ounces more than a similarly styled, non-bulletproof backpack. The enhanced comfort padding allows you to put a full load of supplies inside without feeling achy or sore shoulders at the end of the day. Use the ergonomic handle to carry the bag as needed. Built into the bag are several organizational compartments to keep your items organized. A tablet and laptop holder and auxiliary cord connection allow you to play your own music while walking without needing to use your hands. This backpack is ideal for commuter students, undercover law enforcement, travelers and people using mass transit systems.Against .44 Magnum and 9 Millimeter Bullets
Sturdy Reinforced Handle and Comfortable Shoulder Padding
Built-in Auxiliary Port for Hands-Free Music

In The Box
Proshield II Bulletproof Backpack
User’s Manual
Multimedia Bulletproof backpack
Official NIJ Level III A Certified for bulletproof protection – Certification included with each backpack
Tested and certified against .44 magnum and 9 millimeter bullets
Built-in auxiliary port
Enhanced comfort padding
Sturdy reinforced handle
Stronger padding with added stitchings
Built in auxiliary out port from backpack strap
Outer pocket for phones, and other personal items
20 + organizational panels
Measurements (LxWxH): 14″ x 11″ x 20.5″

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 20.5 in