Stealth Tactical Ear with HD Power Boost


SWAT Grade Power Hearing: 11X Sound Amplification for Super Sensitive Sound Pick-Up

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SWAT Grade Power Hearing: 11X Sound Amplification for Super Sensitive Sound Pick-Up
Get up to 11x the hearing amplification while at the same time protection from loud noises with the 29 dBs of noise reduction.
11x Sound Amplification
Small, Comfortable Earpiece Weighing 1/4 of an Ounce
Protects Hearing Using Sound Activated Compression

Pick Up The Faintest Conversation Or Sounds For Up To 11 Times Sound Amplification

Previously only available to law enforcement, this revolutionary hearing enhancement/hearing protection device is now available to the general public. This is the same technology that provides law enforcement, SWAT teams, and government agents a leg up in fighting crime. The HD Stealth Tactical Ear amplifies sounds nearly eleven times more than normal hearing, enough to hear even the slightest noises during stakeouts, surveillance and SWAT interventions.

Small, Lightweight, & Perfect When on the Move

The device fits comfortably in back of the ear and weighs only 1/4 of an ounce. The HD Stealth Tactical Ear technology allows for omnidirectional (360 degree range) hearing with emphasis on high frequency sounds such as: muted or low level conversation between law enforcement officers or suspect, the loading of a gun chamber, the clicking of a gun’s safety, or footsteps on abrasive surfaces.

Hearing Protection from Loud Sounds, While Amplifying the Distant Important Ones

In addition, the HD Stealth Tactical provides maximum hearing protection. Its specially designed ear plug delivers a noise reduction rating of 29 dBs. A special safety circuit shuts off the HD Stealth Tactical when a firearm is discharged, further protecting hearing.

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