Walkie Talkie Long Range Rechargeable 5W 128CH UHF/VHF Dual Band Two-way Radio with Speaker Mic (2 Pack)

Durable Multipurpose Walkie Talkies

The RT5R 2 way radio is a durable and easy operation model even if you are not a radio expert, you will find all the controls in a consumer friendly workbench setup.

Easy to set

Keyboard setting will allow you to set up and save new channels without a computer.

Basic Descriptions

Frequency Range: VHF/UHF

Output power: 5W

Battery capacity: 1400mAh

Channel quantity: 128

High/Low TX power selectable: 5W/1W

Rated Voltage: 7.4V DC±10%

Battery type: Li-ion battery

Note: The the radios were set up to the same frequency, they can work with each other on the same channel out of the box.


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  • Up to 128 memory channels; dual band UHF/VHF help you avoid busy channels
  • 1400mAh Li-ion battery provided more time using for your outside activity and you easy to find the replacement battery
  • 5W/1W power switch allow you to choose high power to maximize range or low power to conserve battery life
  • DTMF advantages including fast and reliable transmission and high transmission speed