Xtreme Life 4K Teddy Bear Hidden Cam w/ Bonus Battery


One of the Original and Best Nanny Cameras for Home Use Available

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One of the Original and Best Nanny Cameras for Home Use Available
Long life teddy bear camera is perfect as a nanny camera or a hidden camera for capturing the footage you need.
90 days of Standby (16 hours Continuous record)
Motion-Activated Recording
Records in 4K Video

Professional Grade Surveillance System Hidden Within a Child’s Teddy Bear

The 4K Xtreme Life Wireless Nanny Camera Teddy Bear looks just like a child’s toy, but features a high resolution camera and a DVR. What makes this surveillance system unique is the fact that it’s completely covert. This battery-operated camera captures video in 4K resolution, and its built-in DVR ensures that you never miss a beat. The extra long battery life ensures that you can record for up to 16 hours of continuous recording or leave the camera on standby for up to 90 days. The camera features 2 second start up for motion-activated recording using PIR, or heat-motion activation. An included bonus battery ensures that you can easily swap out the batteries for even longer recording time. 4K playback is up to 120 frames per second.

As a parent, you can capture everything going on in your child’s play room or bedroom while they’re in the care of a nanny and get that peace of mind you need. Whether you set the camera to motion-activation, or continuous recording, the DVR will record onto a removable SD card for hours of recording. After you finish recording, viewing, transferring, and backing up your surveillance footage is as simple as plugging the SD card into your computer, or directly plugging the DVR into your USB port.
Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio.
In The Box
​3​2GB Memory Card
RCA Video Cable (Some Models)
IR Remote
Quick Set Up Guide
2280×2160 Effective Pixels
Sensor Sony IMX326
CMOS Sensor High-speed
Video Imaging Funciton
1/2.7″ Lens
IR Filter 940nm
Aperture F2.2
120° Field of View
Record Resolution: 4K: 24fps | 2K: 30fps | 1296P: 30fps | 1080P: 60fps & 30fps | 720P: 120fps, 60fps & 30fps
H.264 Video Compression
Time/Date Stamp
Up to 128GB memory card capacity (Class XC1) – Confirmed with Toshiba and Samsung EVO
Adjustable Frame Rate
2 Recording modes – Motion and Continuous
File Type – AVI
Operating Temp 32°F – 122°F
TV or PC Playback
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Up to 16 hours Continuous Battery Life
Up to 90 days Standby Battery Life
9-10 hours Battery Charge Time
10,000 mAh Battery Capacity
DC 5V 1000 mA Input/Output

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