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Carry One Million Volts of Protection with this Self Defense Stun Cane.

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Carry One Million Volts of Protection with this Self Defense Stun Cane

Protect yours Feel confident in your safety in daylight or darkness with this zap stun cane. Shine a light on the situation with the ultra-bright six LED flashlight built into the cane’s handle.

The integrated Ni-MH rechargeable battery means no need to purchase replacements when power is low. A few hours of charging via the included AC adapter will have you prepared for anything.

This fully adjustable self defense shock cane can extend from 32-36 inches to accommodate users of different heights and has a 250 pound weight capacity. Just flick the safety switch and press the trigger button to deliver a powerful zap to any attacker. The length of contact with the stun probes can vary the effect you deliver, from a startling shock to disoriented incapacitation.

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Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, or outside the continental United States.elf or your family with this 1,000,000 volt taser baton; expandable and has a built-in LED light in the handle.
Feel Confident in Your Safety in Daylight or Darkness
Packs a Powerful Punch of 1,000,000 Volts of Electric Charge
Features an Ultra-Bright Six LED Flashlight Built into the Cane’s Handle.

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